Mass Christmas Cards |
Silhouette Trick

One of my current favorite stamp sets is Chummy Chum Pals by Paper Smooches. I absolutely LOVE the “Merry Kissmoose” sentiment and moose character that comes with it. Because of this, I was finding myself using the moose stamp a lot for my Christmas cards this year and individually cutting out each moose. This was very tedious, especially around the antlers.

Well, I suddenly remembered a tip I once learned from a YouTube video on how to make this process much easier if you own a Silhouette Cameo. I have a Cameo, and was excited to put it to use for this project since I sometimes forget to incorporate it into my crafting.

Instead of hand-cutting each moose after it’s been stamped, I created a cut file for my Silhouette for the moose outline, so it would do all my cutting for me, and I then I could stamp afterwards.

Here were the steps I took:
Step 1: Stamp the image as normal (image A)
Step 2: Scan stamped image
Step 3: Bring scanned image into Photoshop
Step 4: Create solid shape in Photoshop so that you can easily bring it into the Silhouette Studio program (image B)
Step 5: Save solid image, and open in Silhouette Studio
Step 6: Create outline of image for cut file (image C)
Step 7: Make outline a little bigger for wiggle room when eventually stamping image
Step 8: Prepare many images to be cut at once (image D)
Step 9: Let the Silhouette Cameo do the work for you!
Silhouette Cameo Trick

Although there is a little prep work involved, it is amazing how much time this saves when they’re all cut out for you.

Silhouette Trick - Moose CutsOnce the Cameo is finished cutting, I stamp the image on the cut-out and color it in.Silhouette Trick - Colored MooseSince this system worked so nicely for this stamped image, I am considering doing this for many more of my stamps that take a little extra effort to cut out by hand. As seen below, I ended up doing the same thing with the lips that came with the stamp set. The lips were so tiny that I could never cut the precise shape, but the Silhouette could do that for me!
Silhouette Trick - Finished Card

Thanks to this trick, I was able to create a lot more Christmas cards in one sitting than if I would have had to cut each shape out by hand.

Bridal Shower Invite

Things have been very busy lately! My husband and I are settling into our new house, Christmas is coming up, AND I’m starting a new job tomorrow, transitioning out of the old position, and have another part-time job on the side. In between all the craziness, I’ve been trying to create more cards, but haven’t had too much time. I recently had a last-minute request for bridal shower invites, which was a good push to start crafting again.

Bridal Shower INvite

I decided on a one-sided design, and went with a little more elegant with the color scheme rather than quirky and fun. I didn’t have any bridal shower or invite stamps, so I used a font I found on called “Talking to the Moon”, and printed it out on white card stock. I hope the lady who wanted them likes the design!