Multi-Layer Wedding Program

I recently designed a multi-layer wedding program for my sister. She wanted to have the wedding information, bridal party information, and the readings in her program, which couldn’t easily be done in a front to back design.

For me, I wanted to create something a little different than I’ve done in the past, which had been a basic front and back design pasted on card stock. She had a sample very similar to what we ended up with that was the perfect solution for what we were looking for.

It took both of us about 7 hours to put all 70 programs together between cutting, embossing the design on the paper, punching the holes, and tying the ribbon, but we were both happy with how they turned out.

Wedding ProgramWedding ProgramWedding Program

Bridal Shower Invite

Back in May/June, I designed a bridal shower invite for my sister. It was actually quite simple because she was alright with me using basically the same design I created for my bridal shower, just tweaking it a little bit. I printed them out at Office Max, cut them out, and pasted them on black cardstock. They came together really quickly.

Bridal Shower Invite